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FoldEat transforms into an eating mat.

FoldEat is a carrying pack, but as it unfolds, it becomes a full-size eating mat giving you access to all the items inside.

It's thermo-insulated, modular so you could pack more or less. It comes with custom containers.

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  • insulated case that unfolds into an eating mat
  • adjustable strap/ handle
  • magnetic cutlery holder
  • dips container
  • container with a food separator
  • FREE soup container with foam insulation
  • closing clip/ phone holder

Products Dimension (Front View):

h- Height, w- Width, d- Depth


Soup container: (h:49 mm, w: 152 mm, d: 275 mm)

Soup container insulation Foam (h:62 mm, w: 165 mm, d: 165 mm)

Small container: (h: 44 mm, w: 182 mm, d: 165 mm)

Large container: (h: 63 mm, w: 182 mm, d: 165 mm)

Icepack/Hotpack Spacer: (h: 19 mm, w: 165 mm, d: 165 mm)

Sauce Pots: (h: 21 mm, w: 60 mm, d: 60 mm)

Sauce/Cuttlery case: (h: 28 mm, w: 81 mm, d: 204 mm)

Spoon: (h: 12,5 mm, w: 37 mm, d: 180 mm)

Fork: (h: 13 mm, w: 30 mm, d: 180 mm)

Knife: (h: 5 mm, w: 19 mm, d: 188 mm)

Magnetic X Buckle: (h: 19 mm, w: 50 mm, d: 74 mm)

Clip/Phone holder ( as clip ): (h: 76,5 mm, w: 60 mm, d: 40 mm)

Clip/Phone holder ( as phone holder ): (h: 76,5 mm, w: 60 mm, d: 67 mm)

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